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7 simple tricks for graffiti removal (without losing your sanity!)

Green graffiti on a brown wall

Graffiti removal can be a nightmare. And removing it can be a strenuous and truly tedious process. You’ll need a good detergent, a tough wire brush and some handy rubber gloves, paired with some, often herculean, grit and determination.

Removing graffiti paint from porous walls is even more of a challenge (sometimes nigh on impossible), and can lead to extensive damage to the surface, which is why many people simply choose to paint over it instead.

Because this can be such a pain we’ve done some research and put together a few top tips and tricks to help you get rid of any unsightly and unwanted tag.

Power washing

Power washing is a good first step when it comes to graffiti removal. It is a relatively inexpensive process and it will not cause additional damage to your property.

The success of power washing as a graffiti removal tool depends on a number of factors including the type of paint used, the amount of time the graffiti has been on your property, and the material of your building.

You can rent a power washer and try to remove the graffiti yourself or bring in professional help.

Grit and Determination

After a power wash you’re going to want to get up close and personal with the offending marks.

You’ll need, as we said before, a good detergent and a wire brush. Be careful with how hard you scrub though as the surface will look like someone has taken a wire brush to it which could damage the surface irreparably.

Graffiti removal products

Now if steps one and two have failed you you are going to need to get hold of some appropriate cleaning chemicals.

Mentholated spirits can be a great place to start, but beware that it can get quite messy.

Put on your rubber gloves, apply mentholated spirits to the surface, and scrub. Hopefully this will finally get you graffiti free.

Professional Products

There are a number of chemical graffiti removal products available on the market. The right product for your situation depends on your building materials and the age of the graffiti.

These products are strong chemicals so it is important to exercise caution when using them.

Paint over it

There are some situations when getting rid of graffiti requires new paint. If the exterior of your building is already painted and you have extra paint then this may actually be the easiest option.

However, if you do not have the exact paint then you need to spend some time colour matching. You can do this by getting colour swatches and putting them up against your wall. Or, you can enlist the help of a professional to get the colour just right.


Dark Paint or Applying EliteGuard G1 gives a high level of protection, making your walls extremely easy to clean and maintain. It even protects against weathering and general soiling too. Bonus!

Professional Help

Finally, once you’ve tried everything else in our little book of tricks, it may be time to bring in the professionals. Pass on the cleaning pain to those that relish a challenge.

CHELA and Graffiti

We recommend using a good high-quality graffiti removing liquid like ERAZE HD.

It works well on smooth as well as porous surfaces and can be simply sprayed, wiped or brushed on so that the offending graffiti can be gently removed.

You can use it on paint and powder coated surfaces, metal, glass, masonry, brick and concrete.

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Image by Victoria Pickering used under Creative Commons license