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Act Early to Avoid Winter Supply Chain Disruption

Commuters struggle through the snow on a London street as a red london bus drives past, the sleet and snow pelts down

The Confederation of British Industry (CBI) is warning that shortage of materials across manufacturing is at its worst level since 1975.

And it isn’t just materials. The combination of Covid and Brexit has been causing all kinds of well-documented issues for UK businesses.

Shortage of available labour and enforced work stoppages have also added to the supply chain crisis that is now being dubbed ‘the perfect storm’.

We’re also seeing a massive demand in raw materials from the construction industry, which is experiencing another unprecedented housing boom. Increased use of plastics in this sector is having a knock-on effect for other sectors too.

Beware any sudden weather changes

At Chela we always see a huge upsurge in enquiries for winterisation products once the ice-cold weather hits.

Products like de-icing and anti-icing liquids, sprays and anti-ice salt always become highly sought after once the temperature drops towards zero.

If you depend on our high-quality winterisation products to keep your business moving in the cold weather, please be aware that leaving orders to chance like this may leave you especially vulnerable this year.

With the supply chain and HGV driver crises both expected to reach acute levels over the Christmas period, a sudden winter storm is likely to play havoc with de-icing supplies.

“A combination of well-documented factors is already causing problems in the supply chain, not just here in the UK but across the world too.

Says Chela MD, Iwan Fisher.

“We always get a big rush of enquiries for winter safety products when the weather takes a sudden turn for the worst. This year – more than any other – we are saying to all our regular customers, be prepared and make sure you order early. If you wait for the weather to hit, you could be disappointed.”

How to be prepared for cold weather this winter

Our team are on-hand and ready to help with your winterisation product enquiries.

We have a wide range of high-quality solutions, from aviation grade ant-icing products to industrial strength and environmentally friendly de-icing solutions.

With a client base that includes Transport for London and the US Airforce we are one of the UK’s leading suppliers of winterisation solutions.

Act now. Act early, and you will beat that stampede that always begins as soon as the roads begin to freeze. This year, above all years, it pays to be prepared.