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The Best De-icing Products for the Industry

De-icers and Anti-icers

Temperature are predicted to drop before April, and we might even see a white Easter this year. Just don’t hide those Easter eggs outside!

Looking to find de-icing products, and work in the UK transport industry?

Chela provide a complete range of de-icing products for the transport industry, with everything from eco-friendly products to those which are aviation-approved. Our range of products include Green De-icers, Liquid De-icers, Rail Platform De-icers, Rail Track De-icers, Solid De-icers and Winter Screen Wash.

Based in Middlesex, Chela is a UK based manufacturer who specialise in the mass transport industries. All our products are industry approved and BICSc accredited. Core industries include Bus, Rail, Fleet, Silicone & Polymer Removal, Food & Beverage Processing, Builders & Plumbing Merchants, Façade Cleaning, and Industrial & Institutional.

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