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We are able to provide a comprehensive range of professional strength, industrial cleaning and maintenance products for supply into the most demanding builders and plumber’s merchants. Chela Ltd can provide the perfect blend of specialised industrial strength solutions at competitive prices.

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product industrial 38
Caustic Soda - 15

Free-flowing pellets of sodium hydroxide, ideal for cleaning and unblocking drains and pipes clogged with grease and fats.


product industrial 60
ReadySan - 522

Powerful detergent with grease dissolving ability, excellent at removing animal and vegetable oils and greases.


product rail 10

Air freshener with excellent odour-busting properties, keeping interiors smelling clean and fresh.

Case Study

How do you Remove Mould Spots from Concrete or Outdoor Tiles Quickly?

Removing mould spots from outdoor tiles or concrete floors with industrial cleaning products is essential to prevent floors becoming slippery and dangerous.

Here we look at mould, moss and algae removal and some of the more efficient, time-saving ways to manage the mould removal process professionally and effectively.

Cleaning mould from concrete or tiles

The problem with mould spots

Mould, mildew, lichen, moss and algae can all grow on buildings and outdoor surfaces, causing an unsightly looking mess.

However, on a more serious level, they also increase the risk of slips, falls and injury and can even cause long-term damage to the flooring.

Eating into your bottom line

For building contractors, removing these problems can be a time-consuming process. This means more time spent on site and higher labour costs.

Unfortunately, many of the products you find on the market are designed and manufactured for the domestic retail market. These products are based on biotechnology, and can take time to show results.

While these are fine for removing mildew from an outside patio area, they don’t give busy contractors the results they need fast enough.

How can CHELA help with mould spot removal?

If you’re looking for a fast-acting, industrial moss and algae removal product, we recommend CHELA DC64 Moss & Algae remover.

This is a rapid acting cleaner that has been designed specifically for heavy-duty use on brick, stone and other exterior surfaces.

It washes off moss, algae, general biomass and all organic growth, and can even be used on smooth surfaces.

It’s economical, easy-to-use and fast acting. A professional moss and algae removal product for the construction and plumbing industry.

CHELA DC64 Moss & Algae remover

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