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Removing non-cured silicone and grease from equipment and flooring

Keeping your equipment and flooring free from non-cured silicone and greases can be time-consuming as it is difficult to remove thoroughly.

Here we look at this problem in more detail and how CHELA’s professional products can help save you time and increase efficiency.

Removing grease from machinery

The problem with standard degreasers

If you have ever had difficulty getting rid of uncured silicones, greases and oils it could well be because you are using a bog-standard industry degreaser.

These alkaline based degreasers often have the right chemical technology which leads to poor cleaning standards and potential workplace hazards.

How can CHELA help you remove non-cured silicone?

We are the industry leader in this field and recommend CHELA Di-Aqua.

This will effectively emulsify silicone oils, greases and uncured elastomers as well as remove adhesive tape residues.

It has a specialist cleaning action that also quickly and efficiently removes ordinary oils, greases and soils. CHELA Di-Aqua has been formulated for the environment, using detergents that are biodegradable and phosphate free.

It contains no chlorinated, fluorinated, aromatic or hydrocarbon solvents. This product is both safer and more effective than conventional solvents.

We also stock a wide range of other sealant removal products, such as our handy Sealant Wipes. These come pre-wetted to remove sealant, paint and glue and can remove partially cured and uncured sealants. This includes silicone, polyurethane and polysulphides.


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