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How to remove chewing gum from carpets?

tip gum on carpets 1

It’s the scourge of institutions everywhere, with each 3p piece of gum costing around £1.50 to remove. But how do you do it on a shoestring? One clever method is to use a small bag of ice. This freezes the gum, allowing you to scrape it out of the carpet without it becoming entangled. The sooner you get to it the easier it will be.


For larger scale problems, you’ll need to take the professional approach. CHELA Gum Remover Thick can remove chewing or bubble gum from upholstery and carpet no matter how long it’s been there. It’s a soft gel and solvent blend that also happens to be friendly to the environment. It’s low odour and water emulsifiable.


For a liquid solution, try CHELA Liquid Chewing Gum Remover. It gets rid of both fresh and ingrained chewing gum, as well as stickers and scuff marks, adhesive residues and Blu-Tack, making it ideal for the education sector. It removes the problem, rather than dissolving it. This means that no sticky residue is left. It’s also very, very quick.