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We offer a fully comprehensive range of façade cleaning solutions & protective coatings which will not only clean, but renovate and increase clean-perception standards. Whether you require a specialist acidic brick cleaner or an easy-clean coating, Chela Ltd can fulfil all product requirements whilst offering the highest levels of technical service.

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Cleaning solutions for Facade Care & Coatings


Guardcoat® - 818

A very thin and dense coating that is resistant to graffiti including leather dyes renovates old and tired paint to bring it back as new.


Brickclean - 200

Effectively cleans floors, wall panels, glass, upholstery, wash basins, toilets and urinals

Protection and Maintenance

Deepstrip - 86

Thickened paint stripper based on benzyl alcohol and water that will efficiently remove many layers of paint.

Case Study

Graffiti; how do you remove it without damaging the building?

There are few things more that are more irritating than having to remove graffiti from your walls, but it’s even worse when your best efforts end up doing more damage in the long run.

Here we look at this problem and show you how to approach graffiti removal in a way that preserves your façade’s long-term integrity.

Grafitti how to remove it without casuing damage

How much does graffiti removal cost?

Just in London alone, scrubbing graffiti off walls is estimated to cost well over £100 million each year.

Although some might see it as art, this is an awful lot of tax money that could be spent elsewhere.

To make matters worse, this figure only accounts for the cost of removal. It doesn’t consider the cost of long-term structural damage that graffiti can cause.

The problem with graffiti removal

The biggest problem many councils and institutions have is that most anti-graffiti removers are not water permeable.

Non-water permeable surface coatings do not allow the underlying surface to breathe, which over time causes damp and structural building issues.

How can CHELA help with graffiti removal?

We make EliteGuard G1, a unique high-performance protection system designed especially for porous and polished surfaces which are subject to graffiti attack.

It also works just as well against weathering, UV degradation and general soiling.

It reacts chemically to become part of the surface, giving it permanent protection whilst allowing the underlying surface to breathe.

EliteGuard G1 is a solvent-borne treatment that gives hydrophobic and lipophobic properties that are extremely easy to clean and maintain. Even on the most challenging surfaces.

EliteGuard G1

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Removing grafitti from walls

Chela tipsHow to remove graffiti from walls


Removing graffiti from walls is a messy process. You’ll need good detergent, a hardy wire brush and some handy rubber-gloves. Be aware that it is virtually impossible to remove all traces of graffiti from porous walls and the harder you scrub with the wire brush the more damage you will be doing to the surface. This is why most people choose to paint over it instead.


Fed up with scrubbing? Try and find a good high-quality graffiti removing liquid like ERAZE HD. It works well on smooth as well as porous surfaces and can be simply sprayed, wiped or brushed on so that the offending graffiti can be gently removed. You can use it on paint and powder coated surfaces, metal, glass, masonry, brick and concrete.


Don’t want to do that again? Why not take a look at EliteGuard G1, our unique high-performance protection system designed to provide graffiti protection across porous surfaces. Applying EliteGuard G1 gives a high level of protection, making your walls extremely easy to clean and maintain. It even protects against weathering and general soiling too. Bonus!

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