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Chela Ltd can provide a vast range of specialised cleaning detergents for a wide number of specialist cleaning applications. Our range offering includes aerosols, air fresheners, anti-graffiti coatings, acidic cleaners, floor polish, floor strippers, graffiti removers, acidic cleaners, anti-freeze, automotive products, catering detergents, chewing gum removers, disinfectants, degreasers, floor cleaners, floor polish, floor strippers, graffiti removers, odour control, screenwash, TFR’s and winterisation products.

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Cleaning solutions for Industrial &Institutional


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Chain Spray - R-220

Highly tenacious, food grade chain spray lubricant

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Alubright - 285

Alubright is an efficient, concentrated, acid cleaner and brightener for air conditioner coils. It works quickly and effectively, foaming away grime and dirt from air-conditioner condenser coils, and other intricate aluminium components.

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Care Clean E - 398

Care Clean E is a high performance, environmentally considerate degreaser and cleaner that uses the latest surfactant technology to produce a highly effective, quick-acting degreaser that can be used on most surfaces


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Consol - 876

Highly dilutable and effective hard surface cleaner and degreaser. May be used to clean, trains, buses, underground rolling stock and coaches.

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Bluestripe degreaser - 119

An aqueous, alkaline detergent system for the removal of greases, oils and ingrained soil from hard surfaces, work tops, deep fat fryers, machinery, floors and walls.

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Alubright - 285

Alubright is an efficient, concentrated, acid cleaner and brightener for air conditioner coils. It works quickly and effectively, foaming away grime and dirt from air-conditioner condenser coils, and other intricate aluminium components.

Special Use

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Blastersolv®(EcoPoint) - 856

The perfect product for all hard surface cleaning. Removes oils, grease, dirt and debris leaving surfaces clean and safe. Contains a water-soluble solvent for extra performance.

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BioChela®Resirk - 592

Bio Technology for recycled water treatment systems. Reduces odour, hydrocarbon content, Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD) and solids in water treatment systems.

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Loosol Thick - 229

A fast acting, dual acid descaling product. Quickly and efficiently removes unsightly, unhygienic, odour-producing scale from WC pedestals, urinals, wash basins and washroom floors. Can be used to descale taps as it will not attack chrome, copper or brass. Safe on stainless steel.

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Case Study

Keeping an iconic London landmark open as temperatures freeze

As one of the UK capital’s most important river crossings, keeping this famous London bridge open to traffic and pedestrians is vital when temperatures drop below zero.

Here we look at some of the challenges posed by maintaining through traffic across the River Thames during the icy winter months.

Protecting bridges from ice


Each week millions of people cross one of London’s 33 bridges. They are an essential component in the city’s highly complex transport infrastructure.

Opened back in 1824, our clients bridge remains one of the oldest and most attractive of its sort in the whole of Europe.

Yet when the temperature drops, this suspension bridge becomes hazardous to cross and there are a number of unique factors that make treating this problem a bit of a challenge.


The first big problem is how the salts typically used to treat ice can corrode the old iron that the bridge was originally made from.

As a Grade II listed bridge this is obviously problematic.


Another difficulty for the bridges operators has been some the harmful pollutants present in traditional salts. These can be quite toxic and as such poisonous to the river’s wildlife.

How does CHELA helped keep this Thames river crossing ice free?

We supply a powerful, yet environmentally friendly anti-icer and de-icer called IceBlast Plus. This is a spray on liquid that can be used in close proximity to water courses and vegetation without causing harm to the natural environment.

An aqueous solution of potassium acetate, it is an efficient anti-ice as well as quickly melting ice and snow.

It is non-corrosive and performs down to temperatures of -25c

Eurowash 1000 Plus

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Chela tipsHow to remove chewing gum from carpets?


It’s the scourge of institutions everywhere, with each 3p piece of gum costing around £1.50 to remove. But how do you do it on a shoestring? One clever method is to use a small bag of ice. This freezes the gum, allowing you to scrape it out of the carpet without it becoming entangled. The sooner you get to it the easier it will be.


For larger scale problems, you’ll need to take the professional approach. CHELA Gum Remover Thick can remove chewing or bubble gum from upholstery and carpet no matter how long it’s been there. It’s a soft gel and solvent blend that also happens to be friendly to the environment. It’s low odour and water emulsifiable.


For a liquid solution, try CHELA Liquid Chewing Gum Remover. It gets rid of both fresh and ingrained chewing gum, as well as stickers and scuff marks, adhesive residues and Blu-Tack, making it ideal for the education sector. It removes the problem, rather than dissolving it. This means that no sticky residue is left. It’s also very, very quick.

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