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Is your soap killing workplace productivity?

A close up image if the palm of someone's hand

Whether we like it or not, it is necessary to regularly clean and take care of our hands with soap.

Why? Let’s start with the obvious. Good hand hygiene is probably the single best and simplest way to stop the spread of illness at work. Research shows that it’s not only sick days that cost UK workplaces, but also an increased number of people being at work when they’re ill enough to be at home.

Throughout any given workday employees have to use their hands continuously, from opening doors to shaking clients hands and much more. They come into contact with a lot of surfaces and the bacteria can very quickly find its way to everyone in the workplace.

While a cold or flu going round the office isn’t going to deal any death blows to the workforce, all of these activities expose hands to harmful germs and bacteria.

Illness is linked to productivity loss, costing employers an estimated $225.8 billion annually in the U.S . Considering that 80 percent of all infections are transmitted by hands, it’s crucial to implement an effective hand hygiene program at work.

It’s not all about avoiding illness though

Our hands go through a lot each day. They get damaged and exposed to harsh chemicals. This can lead to dry, irritated and painful skin, and eventually skin diseases.

The good news is that a proper hand hygiene system can help you avoid all this. It will help you prevent sickness spreading in the workplace which will in turn increase productivity.

However, just buying a few gallons of that pink stuff you find dribbling out of nightclub soap dispensers probably isn’t going to quite cut it. If for no other reason than the wastage costs will quickly add up.

How does soap work?

1: Soap lessens the surface tension of the water

Surface tension is what causes water to form droplets or beads on surfaces. This phenomenon slows the cleaning process, according to the American Cleaning Institute. The bond that each water molecule makes with other water molecules creates the surface tension, in which all molecules are pulled into a droplet. Soap though helps reduce that surface tension so that it can spread more evenly across a surface and speed up the cleaning process.

2: Soap molecules are hydrophilic (water-attracting) on one side and hydrophobic (water-repelling) on the other

It is the structure of soap molecules that make them clean, not any antibacterial chemicals in the product. The molecules are long and thin, one end, as we just said hydrophobic, and the other hydrophilic. The hydrophobic ends of the molecules are attracted to dirt and oil and gather round attaching to those dirt and oil particles, while the hydrophilic ends stick outward waiting to be rinsed away by water.

Some soap contains abrasives to help scour surfaces to better remove stubborn dirt and grime; water softeners to help additionally with making the water easier to clean with; and enzymes to help with biological stains such as grass or blood by digesting proteins, fats, and carbohydrates.

How do you choose a soap that boost productivity in the workplace?

At Chela we invest heavily in R&D and have developed a number of high-performance ‘intelligent chemistry’ products.

We’ve developed a compete had cleaning system designed specifically for intensive working environments. Make sure – as a minimum – that you choose a system as comprehensive and safe as ours.

One2Clean – The complete hand cleaning system

One 2 Clean is a hand cleaning system designed specifically for the workplace to help them become more hygienic, but also to help look after the handy health of your staff.

Benefits of One2Clean?

  • Automatic Dispenser
  • Designed with an automatic dispenser this will cut down soap wastage saving an estimated 85% on consumption
  • Optimum Hygiene
  • The automatic dispensers also mean that the whole system is touch free, meaning there’s no need to cover the soap dispenser in those germs we are trying so hard to avoid
  • Large Capacity Cartridges
  • This means that the dispensers will run out less often, meaning less frequent changes, and you are less likely to have a scenario where everyone simply stops washing their hands because the soap is gone

Investing in a good soap and a practical dispensing system for your workplace will save you money in the long run.

It will help prevent the spread of illness as well as helping prevent any more serious skin conditions in the workforce.
On top of that a well-designed hands free soap dispenser system like One2Clean will save soap and the associated costs with its practical automated dispensers.

IMAGE: @ashleyrose