Hand holding soapy bubbles

Washing hands; the go to guide for hand hygiene in the workplace [2021]

This is the comprehensive go-to guide for hand hygiene in the workplace. If you are looking for detailed information on: Best practices to try and prevent work related skin disease Identifying common workplace skin disorders Selecting soap for industrial environments Installing workplace hand-care systems How Bert-BMW mechanics maintain A1 hand hygiene Then you will love… Read more »

Chela & Cross Country Trains Collaborative Mugs

We are proud to represent our continual working relationship with Cross Country Trains through collaborative mugs to be distributed throughout the company. We supply Cross Country Trains with specialised cleaning detergents and solutions and have secured a contract extension earlier this year. We look forward to working with XC in the years to come.

Good workplace hygiene practices shown by 2 workers

59 Important COVID Workplace Hygiene Statistics for 2021

We’ve created a handy list of best-practice advice and tips to ensure a healthier working environment for you and your team. This huge list of workplace hygiene stats will give you all the data you need for a cleaner workplace.

de-icer in use on a rural train route in the snow

How to match de-icers to the right application

De-icers are not all made the same So how do you make sure that the product you are buying will work? In this article we’ll break down the different de-icer and anti-icing solutions available to you by the following applications: Road De-icers Train and Rail De-icers De-icers for institutions and public buildings Aviation De-icers But… Read more »

Chela Donates To Four Charities Over The Christmas Period

During the Christmas period our directors allocated £2000 to be donated to charity. The money was split equally between 4 charities and our staff had the opportunity to vote on which charities they wanted to receive a donation. We are pleased to announce the following charities to be the recipients of this donation.   Salvation… Read more »

A frozen road in the countryside

How to choose the right de-icing and anti-icing fluids

The variety of deicing and anti-icing options has increased dramatically over the years and there are a number of factors that need to be considered when debating which solution is right for your job. Decision makers need to take into careful consideration things like the environmental impact of a product as well as the effect… Read more »

Close up model of a coronavirus molecule

How to spot fake disinfectants

With COVID-19 still posing a threat, businesses and organisations are having to deal with all kinds of new and unprecedented issues. One of these is a rise in companies making false or misleading claims about the effectiveness of their products in defending against the virus. There have been a number of well-publicised examples of products… Read more »