Chela to sponsor school science event

In support of the nationwide initiative to get children more engaged with the STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) Chela are sponsoring a Model Rocket Car Competition at local school, Dame Alice Owen. Organised by The Learning Partnership (TLP) the event will engage the pupils in elements of science (motion/force/friction), Computer Science (measurement of… Read more »

A white and grey cement mixer truck on the side of a road under a tree

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet when it comes to Cleaning RMC Equipment

Cleaning anything with concrete on can be difficult. Cleaning RMC equipment is harder. However, it needs to be done because, like anything, when RMC equipment is properly looked after, it lasts much longer. Mud, grease, grime and old hardened concrete are sure-fire things to slowly destroy your equipment. In fact, a study compiled the University… Read more »

A plastic model of a yellow and grey concrete mixer truck on a white background

Why We Love Consolv (And You should Too!)

Why we love Consolv Cleaning concrete from the inside of mixer trucks and other equipment is a dirty and dangerous business. The traditional method of dissolving concrete with hydrochloric acid, causes all sorts of problems. These range from long-term equipment damage to serious health and safety issues. Hydrochloric acid has such a bad reputation that… Read more »

Cordant keeping cleanliness standards high with Chela

Using public transport in London today or this weekend? It is highly likely that the bus, train or tram you are travelling on is maintained in some way using specialist cleaning chemicals manufactured by industry leader Chela Ltd. Whether it is the Tube, DLR, Arriva Rail Trains, Abellio Greater Anglia, C2C or TFL London Bus,… Read more »

Chela lends a hand to Jack and his Beanstalk!

With the festive season now upon us, the Millfield theatre in Enfield will again be putting on its annual Panto – this time performing the age old classic, Jack and the Beanstalk. Chela feels very proud to be sponsoring this colourful comedy and to supporting the talented local theatre group in another successful production. With… Read more »

De-icers and Anti-icers

The Best De-icing Products for the Industry

Temperature are predicted to drop before April, and we might even see a white Easter this year. Just don’t hide those Easter eggs outside! Looking to find de-icing products, and work in the UK transport industry? Chela provide a complete range of de-icing products for the transport industry, with everything from eco-friendly products to those… Read more »

ChelaGuard - Ultimate Surface Protection


ChelaGuard® is an innovative total protection system which offers unrivalled surface protection and significant cost savings. ChelaGuard® offers incredible surface protection, for removal of grafitti, renovation of tired surfaces and UV and weather protection We are the sole UK provider of ChelaGuard, offering an affordable surface protection solution for: Bus and Fleet cleaning Rail and… Read more »

Silicone sealant solutions

Remove Silicone Sealants

Do you have old or unwanted sealant, that needs banishing? Digesil Debond Mil is a highly effective gel that swells and de-bonds silicone sealants and rubbers. Extremely fast acting, it creates no mess and can be rinsed off with water. Removing silicone sealants with this product is extremely easy. All you have to do is… Read more »

Our Highly Efficient Products For Dissolving Silicone

Heat resistant and rubber-like, silicone is frequently used in the travel industry. Flexible and fantastic at forming water-tight seals, silicones can be difficult to remove. It also has high gas permeability along with electrical insulation properties, and is resistant to UV light. If you work in the transport industry and need products for dissolving silicone,… Read more »