social distancing on public transport

Keeping safe whilst using public transport in a post Covid-19 world

There are major concerns about how the increasing use of public transport might negatively affect the UK’s fight against COVID-19. With thousands of active cases, and many of them potentially asymptomatic, being in proximity with thousands of strangers runs the risk of increasing the spread of an airborne pathogen. The reason this is so problematic… Read more »

Commuters rushing through a busy London station

The Ultimate Guide to a Sanitary Workplace

To effectively minimise the spread of pathogens and their consequential illnesses, and to maintain a sanitary workplace, you need to ensure high levels of care in every part of your daily regime. Considerations need to be made to maintain best practices in personal hygiene and workplace sanitation. The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the absolute that… Read more »

We can help keep you on track through this unpredictable weather

Freezing temperatures in the UK are always a big shock in the transport industry. So, it would be safe to say that you can never over-prepare for winter. The process of winterising rail transport and facilities can be a painstaking one. But the worsening weather in the UK means that accident and mechanical failures are… Read more »

Green de-icing tips for aircraft owners

Welcome to our guide to green de-icing tips for aircraft owners To comply with safety standards aviation-grade de-icers have to be strong. You can’t simply go down the garage and pick out a bottle of de-icer or use gritting salt like you would have seen on the roads. However, making these products effective and compliant… Read more »

A winter road scene with snow settled by the roadside

The Essential CHELA Winterisation Guide for Fleet Managers

Welcome to our essential winterisation guide for fleet managers! Winter causes a whole host of issues for fleet managers. Rain, ice, slush, snow, not to mention the de-icing salts spread on the roads, and even increased staff illness, all seem to conspire to make our jobs that little bit harder. But approached in the right… Read more »

Man washing hands against blue background

The ultimate workplace hand-care system guide

A complete guide to selecting, installing and maintaining a fool proof skin care system in the workplace. Often our workplaces can expose us to scenarios that are especially damaging for our skin. From over washing our hands, to coming into contact with harmful irritants. On top of this, in the workplace we are often in… Read more »