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How to remove graffiti: 7 simple tricks

What is the best way to remove graffiti? The best technique for removing graffiti is to use a solvent graffiti removal product, leave it to dwell if specifications instruct to do so, and then manually scrub or brush the surface to remove the stains. The final step is to rinse your surface to remove solvent… Read more »

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How to properly wash your hands: A step-by-step hand care guide

Looking for some expert advice on how to improve your business’ hand care routine? We’ve put together a guide on how to properly wash your hands and some hand hygiene tips for work related skin diseases (prevention and care). We also summarise the benefits of alcohol-based versus alcohol-free hand sanitisers to help inform your decision-making… Read more »

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Best Disinfectants for Commercial Use for 2024

What is a commercial disinfectant? A commercial disinfectant differs from the more commonly known household cleaners. In order to be considered a commercial grade disinfectant, it is required to be tested and listed with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Disinfectants for commercial use can be used in a wide variety of different environments, and, importantly,… Read more »

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What Dissolves Silicone Sealant from Industrial Equipment?

Silicone caulk and sealant is designed to be tough – if it wasn’t it would be largely useless! However, this leaves us with the problem of removing and dissolving silicone. The job of removing silicone off anything is tricky, and doing it using chemicals that aren’t going to damage the material it is bonded to… Read more »

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A Guide to Disinfecting Hospitals for 2024

The Importance of Disinfecting Hospitals Properly Disinfecting any area is important, but disinfecting hospitals is of utmost importance. Infections are rife in hospitals, and allowing them to spread can lead to widespread implications. We are all well aware of the impact caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, and how easily the virus was able to spread.… Read more »

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How to Disinfect the Office this Winter 2023/2024

Why use disinfectant in offices? It might seem like an obvious question, but the reason we need to disinfect offices (and work spaces in general) is because manual cleaning alone does not eliminate or reduce harmful micro-organisms from surfaces. Disinfectant reduces the risk of spreading colds, flu and other infectious diseases and a thorough disinfection… Read more »

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A 2023/2024 Guide to Basic Hygiene in the Workplace

Heading into the colder seasons means more time spent inside, less ventilation, and an increase in coughs and colds – welcome to flu season! That’s why everybody in an office environment needs a guide to basic hygiene in the workplace, and our guide for Winter 2023/2024 is full of tips to help keep your office… Read more »

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How to Clean a Cement Mixer

We understand how important cement mixer maintenance is to the overall performance and efficiency of its service – that’s why we’re updating our original ‘how to clean a cement mixer guide’ in 2023. At Chela, we have developed a vast range of products for the building merchant industry. We wanted to provide a brand-new, comprehensive… Read more »