A male industrial worker showing the palms of his hands covered in oil and chemical residue

The 5 most common workplace skin disorders

It’s next to impossible to avoid all skin problems in the workplace. This is especially true of the hands and forearms. The simple fact is we touch things. Everybody’s skin is different also, which means that what might work for some may not work with other people as their skin reacts differently to other chemicals.… Read more »

A close up image if the palm of someone's hand

Is your soap killing workplace productivity?

Whether we like it or not, it is necessary to regularly clean and take care of our hands with soap. Why? Let’s start with the obvious. Good hand hygiene is probably the single best and simplest way to stop the spread of illness at work. Research shows that it’s not only sick days that cost… Read more »

Green graffiti on a brown wall

7 simple tricks for graffiti removal (without losing your sanity!)

Graffiti removal can be a nightmare. And removing it can be a strenuous and truly tedious process. You’ll need a good detergent, a tough wire brush and some handy rubber gloves, paired with some, often herculean, grit and determination. Removing graffiti paint from porous walls is even more of a challenge (sometimes nigh on impossible),… Read more »

Winter fleet maintenance; what your boss wants to know this winter

Fleet maintenance can be a complicated business. As well as ensuring your vehicles are safety compliant, they also need to keep running regardless of the weather. During the winter this can be a real challenge here in the UK, where temperatures and conditions are as unpredictable as the news. Whilst servicing and maintenance are standard… Read more »

An icy night time view of London's St Paul's Cathedral, taken from the Millennium Bridge

How London Keeps Moving in Icy Winter Weather

Dealing with winter is a costly and, at times, controversial problem in the UK. Especially when it falls on the public purse strings to ensure a good ongoing operation. When it comes to Transport for London, keeping the roads clear and a good Underground service running is crucial for the prosperity of the city. But… Read more »

Chela sponsor Hinton FC

Hinton was founded in 1957 and has a long and proud history. In 1985-1986 the Club applied to join the Mid Herts League. They enjoyed many successful seasons in the league, capping these when the first Xl were crowned the Premier Division Champions in the 2001/2 season. In the 2002/3 season Hinton stepped up from… Read more »

Train Toilet Presentation & Maintenance Products

Chela have put together a range of high performance innovative products to deal with the difficult cleaning and odour problems that the train operator and cleaning contractor encounter on trains. Utilising modern odour lock, biotechnology and high end perfumes the range solves the problems the modern trains encounter.   SURFACE CLEANING – Including Carpets 3253 Guardisan… Read more »