Bus and Coach Cleaning Chemical Solutions Guide (2022)

Most managers of bus & coach fleets are well aware that cleanliness & hygiene is a serious business matter. Keeping your fleet clean will help you retain vehicle value, improve the look of your company and win customer loyalty. And while this isn’t breaking news, the business case for cleanliness & hygiene has become much… Read more »

DIY cleaning chemicals being made

The dangers of DIY cleaning chemical solutions

DIY cleaning chemical solutions might sound like a good idea when you are pressed for time and the pressure is on. However, as we’re about to see, mixing hazardous industrial cleaning products together can result in some pretty dangerous situations. Chemical cleaning products were in high demand during the Covid Pandemic, and this led some… Read more »

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Regulatory changes to the UK cleaning chemicals industry in 2022

The last couple of years have brought significant change to the UK cleaning chemicals industry. Thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic, post-Brexit regulatory transitions, and Clear Air obligations, British businesses are having to keep ahead of the game to stay informed on upcoming challenges. But it’s not all bad. Thanks to a surge in sanitiser usage,… Read more »

passengers on snow covered train platform

Icy Weather Guide: How to Keep Cities Moving

Dealing with winter is a costly and, at times, controversial problem in the UK. Especially when it falls on the public purse strings to ensure a good ongoing operation. When it comes to our densely populated cities, keeping the roads clear and a good public transport service running is crucial for the prosperity of the… Read more »

Act Early to Avoid Winter Supply Chain Disruption

The Confederation of British Industry (CBI) is warning that shortage of materials across manufacturing is at its worst level since 1975. And it isn’t just materials. The combination of Covid and Brexit has been causing all kinds of well-documented issues for UK businesses. Shortage of available labour and enforced work stoppages have also added to… Read more »

Chela LTD & The Enfield Climate Festival

Chela ltd are proud to take part in the Enfield Climate Festival. As a local business, our chairman, Anthony Fisher, was interviewed by Francis Sealey on sustainability and the future of business in the 21st century. Anthony spoke about efforts we are making in our company, trends he is seeing in the industry and predictions… Read more »

A white and grey cement mixer truck on the side of a road under a tree

The best ‘how to clean a cement mixer’ guide for 2021

Looking for advice on how to clean a cement mixer? This is the most complete guide to cleaning out RMC equipment on the internet. If you are looking for information on the following: How to clean out a cement mixer How to clean out a cement mixer truck Concrete mixer cleaning chemicals Then you are… Read more »

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Washing hands; the go to guide for hand hygiene in the workplace [2021]

This is the comprehensive go-to guide for hand hygiene in the workplace. If you are looking for detailed information on: Best practices to try and prevent work related skin disease Identifying common workplace skin disorders Selecting soap for industrial environments Installing workplace hand-care systems How Bert-BMW mechanics maintain A1 hand hygiene Then you will love… Read more »