Greener De-Icing For The Transport Industry

Although also used to make paints, acetate is an important part of de-icing. These kinds of products work by preventing bonds forming between snow and ice, or breaking bonds which are already formed. Proper management of snow and ice is an important part of working in the transport industry. While ploughing and mechanical machinery can… Read more »

De-Icing Products for Airports

Rather than enjoying a white Christmas, this festive season has been wetter than the Pacific Ocean. One upside is that it’s been the warmest Christmas since 1896. But that’s little comfort for those suffering from the fact Britain’s flood defences are manifestly inadequate and need reinforcing. So far, the economic costs of the flooding are… Read more »

De-Icing Products For The Railway Industry

2011 was the Winter of Discontent for the railway industry, when snow and ice paralysed the lines and lost the sector millions of pounds. Many trains were left stranded during this cold snap, leading to discontented customers and a huge loss in profit. Although we’ve had mild weather so far this winter, an Arctic blast… Read more »

A Complete Range Of Anti-Icing Solutions

Searching for a complete range of anti-icing solutions online? Although we have had the mildest December for 70 years, it’s still being debated what kind of weather January 2016 will bring. But it’s likely to be cold. Don’t let your transport system feel the chill this winter. Protect your schedule from the effects of ice… Read more »

Find Anti-Icing Solutions Online

Crooked icicles, intricate snowflakes and white blankets of snow- winter certainly has its own unique charm. However, it can also have a negative effect on the transport industry. The UK, in particular, is often not equipped for more extreme weather conditions. While many people might be dreaming of a White Christmas, it’s unlikely to be… Read more »

De-icing Products For The Railway Industry

The last thing passengers want at this time of year is late trains. The busy Christmas and New Year period is one of the most popular for public transport, with more people drinking and unable to drive. With train prices rising in the New Year, customers also want to get value for money. Although Chela… Read more »

Full Range of Liquid De-Icing Solutions

As always, December has crept up on us seemingly from nowhere. Love it or hate it, it’s now one of the busiest seasons for commuters and tourists, especially in London, and the cold snap has finally arrived. With snow storms set to batter the UK, especially in the run-up to Christmas, it’s important to be… Read more »

Powerful De-icing Products For The Transport Industry

Jack Frost has finally been making appearance this past week. After enjoying a relatively mild November, it’s been quite a shock for most of us. The chances are you’ve been turning your thermostat up and pulling those slippers on. Ice can look very beautiful, but it wracks havoc on the transport industry and goes on… Read more »

Looking To Find Potassium Acetate De-Icers?

Airport runways are places where safety is paramount. With cold weather set to hit the UK, at the end of the month, you need to be prepared for encroaching ice. It’s predicted that temperatures are set to drop to about 3-7C by the weekend. Minimum temperatures away from the coasts are set to be below… Read more »

Find The Complete Range Of Anti-Icing Solutions Online

Looking to find a complete range of anti-icing solutions? Nothing paralyses the transport industry more than snow and ice. This kind of weather even has a wider impact on the economy, with shoppers deterred from visiting the local high streets. It’s estimated the Big Freeze in 2010 cost the UK economy more than £6 billion… Read more »