Alkagel – 172


Stable, alkaline gel that cuts through baked on grease, fats and oil. Low odour and high boiling point means it can be used on warm surfaces without boiling or giving off excessive fumes.

  • Quick acting
  • Low odour and high boiling point can be used on warm surfaces
  • Deals with baked-on oil, fat, grease and other food residues
  • Gel so it clings to vertical surfaces
  • Maintains viscosity when warm
  • Easily rinsed away


  • Appearance                Thick, slightly opaque liquid
  • Colour                          Pale straw
  • Odour                           Mild
  • Viscosity                      2,500 to 3000 cps
  • pH                                 14 – free alkali

Method and dilution

Use neat as supplied. No need to dilute.

In-situ cleaning

Can be applied cold to a cold surface but more effective if the surface is warm (not more than 65°c) Spray or brush on to surface, allow a least 15 minutes to soak agitating from time to time with a brush or scouring pad. Leave for up to say 1 hour if needed but do not allow to dry. Rewet with more gel if the surface dries. Rinse well with clean water and agitation. Apply a second application if required. A vinegar rinse will leave a sparkling surface.

Soak cleaning

Immerse small items in a bath of gel and leave for as long as necessary. Use a pad or a brush to remove loosened deposits rinse well in water.

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