Auto Glass Wash – 488


A powerful detergent for machine glass washing that removes stubborn stains and soil, leaving a sparkling finish.  Neutral ph for safe washing and rinsing. Ideal for cleaning glassware, glasses and tumblers in all automatic glass washing machines.

  • Design for safe cleaning of glass
  • Rinses well
  • Does not foam
  • Non-tainting
  • Economical in use
  • Pre-softened
  • Works in both hard and soft water

Areas of use

Recommended for use in pubs, bars, restaurants, hotel kitchens, etc


To ensure that glasses are clean and sparkling put the dosing tube into the container so that it reaches the bottom. The pre-set unit will then dispense the correct amount of product.

Auto Glass can be added manually for each cycle if required.Typically 28ml (1 fluid ounce) should be added to the machine for each wash cycle. For improved results use our RINSE AID.

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