Biochela®clear 60

A dry, bacterial-based powder designed to remove organic matter from a variety of closed and slow-flow water systems.

BioChela® Clear contains a broad spectrum of naturally occurring bacterial strains specially selected for their ability to degrade complex organic compounds commonly found in closed and slow flow water systems that naturally, or artificially, contain fish, animal and plant life.

BioChela® Clear is particularly effective for the removal of fish and animal wastes, and decaying plant material. BioChela® Clear will also remove phosphate and assist in controlling algal blooms.

A stable, closed aquatic environment is a delicate balance between creation and removal of wastes. If this balance is disturbed then water may become cloudy, toxins build up and dissolved oxygen levels depleted by high demand. It is sometimes difficult to restore this balance without excessive and expensive cleaning. The common means to achieve high quality clean water is an effective filtration system, coupled to aeration. Effective aquatic bio-filters rely on the build-up of a microbial biomass that removes solid and dissolved materials. BioChela® Clear is a very effective and proven method of aquatic bio filter seeding, or augmentation of a weak biomass.

  • Eliminates the expense of larger aquatic bio filter systems by more efficient use of smaller filters
  • Improved filter performance
  • Reduces shock that frequently arises with large water changes
  • Reduces the frequency for water changes if this is a necessary procedure
  • Enhanced water clarity
  • Reduction in ammonia, nitrite and phosphate concentrations
  • Solids bulk reduction, silt and sediment reduction
  • Odour control
  • Reduces algal blooms in static water and on wetted surfaces.

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