Biochela®digest – 583

BioChela Digest is quick acting and effective in removing diesel and petroleum based oils and greases.



Biochela digest is quick acting and effective in removing diesel and petroleum based oils and greases. An effective treatment that inoculates oil and grease stains with carefully chosen micro-organisms which degrade the contamination. Essential micro-nutrients stimulate this action. Deals with stains embedded in porous surfaces such as track ballast. Concrete, stone, asphalt and soil.

  • Penetrates oil and grease based stains
  • Digests hydrocarbons so that they are eliminated not washed away
  • Starts work straight away
  • Removes stains ordinary products cannot
  • Keeps working on imbedded stains
  • Deals with surface stains
  • Biodegradable
  • Enhances biodegradation above and below ground surface
  • Hydrocarbon solvent free
  • Micronutrients boost activity


  • Appearance                Opaque Liquid
  • Colour                          Cream
  • Odour                           Mild
  • pH                                 8.5 to 9.0
  • S.G                               1.01 to 1.02
  • Coverage                    10 to 20 M2 per litre (surface area)



Depending on the temperature and degree and the age of contamination, the hydrocarbons will disappear between 3 days and 2 weeks of daily application.

Method and Dilution

Use neat. No need to dilute. Do not use below 5OC as the low temperature will inhibit bacterial action.

Spray onto the stained surface and leave without rinsing. This will carry the bacteria into the pores of the porous surface where the bacteria continue to digest and remove deeply embedded stains. In the case of rail track ballast initially flood the ballast so that the treatment penetrates deep into the bed there in after, spray daily.

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