Brickclean – 200

Effectively cleans floors, wall panels, glass, upholstery, wash basins, toilets and urinals



Acidic cleaner for use on the lighter duty applications.   Will remove scale, cement and mortar stains and efflorescence.  It is also effective at removing rust from iron and steel.  Excellent at removing oil and grease from garage and workshop unpainted concrete floors, cleans concrete paving slabs and pavers.

  • Quick acting
  • Economical in use
  • removes mortar and concrete smears
  • good rust remover
  • removes lime scale
  • will not attack glass
  • good concrete and paver cleaner
  • removes compacted oil and grease from concrete floors


Brick and concrete cleaning: Use neat or at up to 20% v/v (1:5 volumes water)
Greasy concrete floor cleaning: Use neat or up to 25% (1 to 3) with water.


Caution. Always test on a small area first to check for compatibility and unwanted colour change.#

Brick and concrete cleaning

Pre-wet surface to be cleaned with water before use. Apply neat or dilute solution with brush or spray and scrub with a brick cleaning brush. Rinse with high or low pressure water.

Greasy concrete floors

Apply to the floor using a plastic watering can. Agitate with a broom or wire brush and rinse with water. Repeat if necessary.

Rust removal

Use neat. For small parts, pour into a plastic container and dip the parts into the solution and move them about for quickest results. Remove as soon as the rust is dissolved. Do not leave in for more than 15 or 20 minutes or more than 5 minutes if the metal is thin. Remove and rinse in water. Rinse in and alkaline detergent to inhibit flash rusting. For larger areas brush on and agitate with an acid proof brush or swab. Rinse with plenty of water and wash with alkaline detergent to inhibit flush rusting.

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