Caress – 336


Mild yet effective blend of shampoos for routine hand cleaning. Contains lanolin which helps keep skin supple. Pleasantly perfumed, rinses well.

  • Pleasantly perfumed
  • Contains lanolin
  • Free rinsing
  • Signed off under EU Cosmetics Directive as a hand cleaner
  • Removes daily grime
  • Medium viscosity
  • May be used in most dispensers
  • Use in office, factory and mass transit


  • Appearance              Opaque, liquid
  • Colour                         Pink
  • Odour                         Floral
  • S.G.                             1.02
  • Viscosity                    Medium Thick


Apply small amount to the hands and work in paying particular attention to areas between the fingers, back of the hands and lower wrists. Wash off and dry hand thoroughly. May be used in most dispensers. Simply pour into the reservoir.

Product Endorsements

Checked for safety under the Cosmetics Products (Safety) Regulations 1996 as amended to conduct and take responsibility for the safety of cosmetics products.

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