Chewing Gum Remover – R-262


A thin solvent blend that removes chewing gums and bubble gums from both hard and soft flooring. No matter how old the gum is quickly softened to promote speedy removal. Great for use on, PVC and rubber floors, upholstery, carpet, cloths. Ideal for use in buses, trains and other mass transport stock.

  • Thin mobile liquid lifts gum from smooth floors and carpets
  • Great for use on seats and upholstery
  • Water emulsifiable for easy clean-up
  • Low odour for comfortable use
  • Not hydrocarbon solvents
  • No orange terpenes
  • Effective on fresh or old deposits of chewing or bubble gum
  • Good environmental responsibility


  • Appearance                                    Jet of colourless freezing gas
  • Odour                                              Virtually odourless
  • Contents                                         Blend of butane and propane gas
  • Storage                                           Below 50˚C
  • Temperature range                       For use at ambient temperatures
  • Relative density                            0.56
  • Pack Sizes                                      12 x 400ml cans

Directions for Use

Shake can well before use. Spray onto chewing gum for 5 seconds. Repeat if needed until gum is hard. Scrape off deposits with a blunt scraper. Do not spray onto skin as burns may occur

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