Clean N Fresh – 84


Fresh Perfumed and highly dilutable and effective hard surface cleaner and degreaser. Remove grime, organic matter, hydrocarbon and food oils and greases. Designed to clean the interior of buses, metros, trams and buses. Leaves a fresh, pleasant and long-lasting fragrance.

  • Fast-acting vigorous product which cleans instantly
  • Removes grease and grime, oils and organic matter
  • Applied by spray, mop, brush or swab on to almost any surface for instant results.
  • Leaves no sticky deposits, just a dry clean surface
  • Economical Dilutes with up to 100 parts of water
  • Cuts arduous scrubbing therefore saves valuable time
  • Safe on most materials – plastic, wood, metal, glass, paint and powder coating
  • Does not corrode aluminium or other metals
  • Safe for use in trains and underground, coaches and buses


  • Appearance               Clear mobile liquid
  • Colour                         Purple
  • Odour                          Fresh
  • S.G.                              1.02


Light soil – 1:100 (2%), Medium soil – 1:20 (5%), Heavy soil – 1:10 (10%), Very heavy soil and grease – use neat


Light soil. Spray onto the surface and wipe dry with a clean cloth.

Medium to Heavy Soil. Spray swab or brush onto the surface to be cleaned and agitate to loosen the soil. Wipe up dirty solution with cloth or mop or use a wet-pick-up vacuum. Rinse well with clean water.

Machine. When using a scrubbing machine or scrubber dryer, add the product to the solution tank and fill with water in the correct proportion and use following the manufacturer’s instructions.

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