Clearview – 260


Quickly and easily cleans glass and other hard and shiny surfaces including stainless steel and ceramic tiles. It dissolves grease and grime and leaves a sparkling, crystal clear, non-smear finish.

  • Leaves hydrophilic, anti-fogging surface
  • Multi-functional – cleans all shiny surfaces
  • Leaves a very low non-oily residue
  • Quick and easy to use,
  • Does not smear and does not attract mist or dirt
  • A little goes a long way – economical in use


Appearance             Clear mobile liquid
Colour                       Blue
Odour                        Iso-propanol
S.G.                            1.00
pH                              7-9


Designed to be used neat, no need to dilute.


Spray sparingly over the surface to be cleaned. For best results, use a trigger spray. Polish off product with a clean, dry cotton cloth or a paper towel. Is easily polished off, even if allowed to dry. If the surface is heavily soiled, two applications may be necessary.

Cautionary Notes

When washing cotton cloths, do not use a fabric conditioner as it interferes with the absorbency of the cloths which will adversely affect performance.

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