Digesil®1000 – 722

Solvent for cured and uncured Polyurethane foam sealant.
Digesil® 1000 is designed for the quick removal of uncured and cured polyurethane foam sealant and adhesives.



Digesil® 1000 is designed for the quick removal of uncured and cured polyurethane foam/sealant and adhesives. It will also dissolve acrylic sealant, partially cured polysulphide sealants and debond hot melt butyl.

  • Effectively dissolves cured polyurethane foam/sealant
  • Biodegradable and thus environmentally friendly
  • High flash point
  • Slow evaporation rate reducing risk vapours and product loss
  • Also dissolves acrylic sealants, partially cured polysulphide sealants and
  • debonds hot melt butyl
  • Does not contain any chlorinated, halogenated or aromatic solvents
  • Also removes paint and powder coating


Appearance             Clear, mobile liquid
Colour                       Water white
Flash point               49 C
SG                              0.93 to 0.95

Replaces many hazardous or environmentally unsound solvents.


Use neat, no need to dilute

Immersion method: Immerse the parts to be cleaned in Digesil® 1000 and leave until the polymer has dissolved. The action starts immediately but the length of time required will depend on the thickness of the polymer. If the parts can be moved or the solution agitated with a paddle or pump, then the immersion time will be dramatically reduced.

Dispensing equipment etc.: Fill the equipment with Digesil® 1000 and circulate.

Thin layers: Thin layers may be removed by applying Digesil® 1000 with a cloth or brush and agitating. In all three cases rinse with alcohol or water to remove residue.

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