Digesil®1000 – 722

Solvent for cured and uncured Polyurethane foam sealant.
Digesil® 1000 is designed for the quick removal of uncured and cured polyurethane foam sealant and adhesives.



Digesil 1000 is a leading industry product, designed and manufactured for the quick and efficent removal of uncured and cured polyurethane foam, sealant, adhesives and other polymers. It can also dissolve acrylic sealants and partially cured polysulphide sealants, and can debond hot melt butyl, making Digesil 1000 a high-performing, multi-purpose product.

Properties of Digesil 1000

  • Clear, mobile liquid
  • Biodegradable and environmentally friendly
  • Moderate flashpoint
  • Slow evaporation rate
  • No chlorinated, halogenated or aromatic solvents
  • No NMP, NEP, BLO or orange terpenes

Digesil 1000 replaces many hazardous or environmentally unsound solvents, meaning its safer for not only people, but the environment too.

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