Digesil®FS – 706


Digesil® FS is more than a solvent, its chemical action shears the silicone/oxygen bond, cutting the polymer into random lengths and rendering it soluble. Digesil® FS will remove both cured and uncured fluorosilicone, oils and grease.

  • Quickly and effectively removes both cured and uncured fluorosilicone
  • Biodegradable oxygenated solvents
  • Slow evaporation rate reducing risk of vapours and loss of product
  • Does not contain halogenated or aromatic solvents
  • Flash point of 56 OC


Appearance          Mobile liquid
Colour                    Colourless to straw
SG                            0.9 to 1.0


Digesil® FS can be used to clean reactors, blenders and filling equipment that is used to
produce fluorosilicone, fluorosilicone sealants and adhesives. Can also be used for
cleaning injection and moulding equipment, reclaiming of rejects, in fact any area where
fluorosilicone is used.


Tank Application: Charge Digesil® FS into a tank with a lid. Suitable materials of construction are; stainless steel, mild steel, polypropylene and for small amounts, glass. Immerse the parts to be processed in Digesil® FS. The digesting reaction starts after about 20 minute’s immersion. The total immersion time depends on the thickness of the fluorosilicone layer, generally 12 hours is enough. If the part can be moved in the solution  or the solution agitated with a stirrer or pump, the immersion time can be dramatically reduced. Remove and rinse with iso-propanol or Digesil® Rinsing agent.. If desired water and a detergent can be used.

Closed Systems: Fill with Digesil® FS and leave for up to 12 hours. It is best to keep the Digesil® FS circulating if possible. Drain and rinse with iso-propanol or Digesil® Rinsing solvent A final rinse with an aqueous detergent may be used.

Thin Layers: Rub with a cloth or brush wetted with Digesil® FS and rinse as described above.
This is just one product from the Digesil® range.

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