Digesil®Gel – 720


Catalytic solvent formulated to remove cured silicone elastomer, rubber and sealant as well as thick oils, greases and gums. Digesil®Gel is thickened to allow for application to vertical surfaces and to help control drips and runs for precision applications.

  • Quickly dissolves cured silicone
  • Leaves silicone-free surface
  • Clings to vertical and overhead surfaces
  • Chlorinated and fluorinated solvent free
  • Negligible aromatic solvent content
  • High boiling point – carrier solvent is a non-VOC
  • Low odour for operator comfort
  • High flash point for safety
  • Low density for ease of handling
  • Rinses with water or solvent
  • Safe on glass, metal and most plastic (except nylon)
  • Safe on paint and powder coating (not nylon)
  • Water free
  • Gel consistency adheres to vertical surface, reduces spillage and waste
  • Ideal for precision application


Appearance             Gel
Colour                       Brownish
Odour                       Mild
S.G.                            0.86


Use neat as supplied. The best method is to apply with a trowel. If using a roller or brush do not use ones made of nylon. Important: In all cases water must not be added to the Gel or be present on the surface to be cleaned as this will stop the Gel working. Mix Gel thoroughly before use as a little separation can occur. Remove heavy accumulations of silicone using physical methods if possible. This could save time and cut down on the amount of gel being used. Surface must be dry.

Apply Gel to produce a 3 mm to 6.5 mm layer over the stain or residue to be removed. Allow to dwell for up to 2 hours or until residue softens, “lifts” or shows signs of dissolving. Do not allow to dry apply more Gel if required to keep the layer wet. Remove Gel and residues using pressure water rinsing equipment. Warm water gives best results. Wash with 10% DiAqua® Where such equipment
cannot be used, brush the treated surface vigorously with a stiff bristle brush and rinse with cold or warm water. Wash with a 10% solution of DiAqua® and rinse with clean water.

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