Dry Foam Shampoo – 1002

A carefully formulated blend of dry and high foam surfactants that will efficiently clean carpet and upholstery. As there is no sticky residue, it does not contribute to re-soiling. The instant high foam helps prevent over-wetting of the carpet or fabric. Agreeably perfumed it is pleasant to use. The surfactants used are highly biodegradable, does not contain optical brightener.

  • High, dry foam – cleaned fabric and carpets dries quickly
  • No sticky residue – does not contribute to re-soiling
  • No optical brightener colours not affected
  • High Dilution – economical in use
  • Synergistic blend for efficient cleaning
  • Pleasant fresh perfume
  • Biodegradable surfactants
  • Use in machine or by hand
  • Mild pH


  • Appearance              Clear mobile liquid
  • Colour                        Pale blue
  • pH                               7 to 9
  • Odour                         Fresh pine
  • S.G.                             1.001


Normal soiling 1:40 (2.5% v/v)
Heavier soiling 1:30 (3.3% v/v)


Check a small area first to check for any colour change.

Manual. Chose appropriate dilution and, using a brush or sponge wetted with this, quickly rub or scrub the carpet or fabric to create a high foam. Using a clean cloth or sponge remove the soiled foam and allow to dry. If desired vacuum to remove any residue.
Machine. Chose the appropriate dilution and use following the machine maker’s instructions. Vacuum when dry if desired.

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