Eco Cleaner – B-439

Environmentally Friendly Hand Cleansing Gel

Dreumex Eco Cleaner is an environmentally friendly, heavy-duty cleaner. It removes the toughest industrial dirt from surfaces such as floors, walls, tiling, machines, kitchens, etc. Dreumex Eco Cleaner is completely biodegradable without compromising the product performance, guaranteeing safety for the environment, user and object / surface. Very suitable for use in HACCP-plans.

  • Total Capacity: 3 Litres
  • Phosphate-free
  • Solvent-free
  • 100% biodegradable
  • Neutral formula
  • Minimal impact on the aquatic ecosystems
  • Fulfils strict biodegradability requirements
  • Limits packaging waste


  • Appearance          Liquid
  • Colour                   Colourless
  • Odour                   No perfume. Characteristics smell
  • Specific Mass       1.040

Directions for use

Apply some product to dry hands and rub in, cleaning well under the nails. Rinse and wipe dry. Empty container can be washed and treated as regular waste. For professional use only.

This product is to be used with the One2Clean automatic/manual dispenser.

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