Eraze Liquid – 828


A powerful, yet safe graffiti removing liquid that works well on smooth surfaces and a range of other substrates. It is simply sprayed, wiped or brushed on and the graffiti is gently removed. Use on paint and powder coated surfaces, metal, glass, masonry, brick, concrete.

  • Removes graffiti from painted and powder coated surfaces
  • Liquid form – for use in areas where less application control is required
  • Multi-functional – removes spray paint, marker pen and dye-type graffiti
  • Low odour – increased operator comfort
  • Not classified as hazardous
  • Uses biodegradable raw materials, does not contain aromatic, aliphatic or chlorinated solvents – very low environmental impact
  • Passed Rail


  • Appearance               Clear mobile liquid
  • Colour                          Pale green
  • Odour                           Mild
  • S.G.                                0.965 – 0.975
  • Viscosity                      Thin
  • Surfactant Type         Non-ionic


Use neat there is no need to dilute.

All Surfaces
For best results, spray onto the graffiti and leave for a few seconds before agitating with a cloth or brush. Another method is to dampen a clean cloth with the liquid. Dab and wipe off the graffiti, turning the cloth frequently to ensure the mark is not returned to the surface. Wipe off any residue with a clean damp cloth then rinse the surface, for best results wash with a mild detergent. If preferred, apply the liquid with a soft brush then continue agitating to remove the graffiti. Ensure that the surface is kept wet, if necessary re-apply the liquid. Wipe and rinse as above.

Cautionary Notes
Always test a small area first to check for surface compatibility.

Product Endorsement
Evaluated by 4-Rail Ltd and found to be effective and suitable for use in the rail industry.

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