ISR SheenPlus 477

A high performance concentrated train cleaner designed specifically for use through foam arch equipment. Utilises a synergistic blend of surfactants and acids that gives superb cleaning. A unique blend of three organic acids has been specifically formulated for the fast and effective removal of iron stains from rolling stock that leaves surfaces clean and streak free. Will remove iron brake dust, general grime, tunnel dirt, oil, scale and metallic pollution without damaging the paintwork. Uses an antistatic agent which leaves the vehicle with a bright sheen which resists soiling and makes subsequent cleaning easier.
High quality cleaning
Concentrated – high performance at high dilution
Free rinsing – no unsightly hard water stains
Foam minimises use of chemical
Removes iron brake dust
Contains antistatic gloss shine that makes subsequent cleaning easier
Very quick and effective
Improved rinsing and sheeting on glass
Leaves surfaces clean, streak-free and shiny
Effective at low temperatures
Effective in hard or soft water
Removes old thick build-up of iron dust
Removes oil and grease
Lifts off ordinary soil and grime
Environmentally considerate

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