Eurowash ISR Thick – 226


A unique blend of organic acids specifically formulated for the fast and effective removal of iron stains from rolling stock, thickened for manual use. Will leave surfaces clean and streak free and has been assessed by independent laboratory Scientifics as being fit for purpose.

  • Thick so it clings – easy to use.
  • Improved rinsing and sheeting on glass
  • Leaves surfaces clean, streak-free and shiny
  • Effective on low temperatures
  • Effective in hard or soft water
  • Easily applied by brush
  • Removes old thick build-up of iron dust
  • Removes oil and grease, ordinary soil and grime
  • Does not from sticky precipitate with hard water
  • Uses biodegradable ingredients

Product Endorsements

Has been tested to their material compatibility protocol by Scientifics Ltd and been shown to be suitable for use in the rail industry. A copy of the full report is available on request.


Appearance       Viscous Liquid
Colour                 Opaque slightly yellow
S.G.                      1.035
pH                         2.00
Foam                   Medium


For heavy soil use neat as supplied.
May be diluted with as much as 9 volumes (10% v/v) of water depending on degree of

Method of use

Apply neat or diluted product with a brush. Agitate and allow to dwell for up to 15 minutes
dependent upon soiling. Usually a few minutes is enough. Agitate again and brush-rinse
with low pressure water. Always use clean equipment.

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