Farecla G3 Regular Grade Paste Compound – B-359


A thick paste that quickly and safely removes ingrained dirt, stains, graffiti shadow and graffiti including leather dye. It is suitable for use on painted and metal surfaces and its unique action removes even the most stubborn ingrained dirt and graffiti. The product is a lightly perfumed paste suitable to cling onto vertical surfaces.

  • Quick acting and effective
  • Digs deep
  • Removes dirt, graffiti and shadow including leather dye
  • Economical in use
  • Easy-to-use paste consistency
  • Refreshes and revives surface

All Surfaces

  1. Shake bottle thoroughly
  2. Pour a small amount onto clean micro cloth
  3. Using a circular scrubbing motion, agitate the affected area to remove final graffiti or renovate area – if staining is not removed, increase agitation pressure
  4. Neutralise the area with suitable pH neutral detergent

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