FleetClean Plus – 99


Near neutral pH leaves paint and glass gleaming and sparkling clear. Rinse water sheets no streaks, no spotting. Works in hard or soft water, surfaces stay clean longer. Helps prevent re-soiling. No cationic surfactant. Economical in use. High dilution and exceptional resistance to corrosion.

  • Near neutral pH
  • Leaves paint and glass gleaming and sparkling clear
  • Rinse water sheets no streaks
  • No spotting
  • Surfaces stay clean longer
  • Helps prevent re-soiling
  • No cationic surfactant
  • Economical in use
  • Works in hard or soft water
  • High dilution
  • Exceptional resistance to corrosion


Appearance                  Thin mobile liquid
Colour                            Orange
Odour                            Mild
S.G.                                1.02
pH                                   8.0 to 9.0
Surfactant Type           Non-ionic, anionic
Builders                        Organic complexones


For light soiling, 0.5% (1:200).
For normal soiling, 1% (1:100).
For heavy soiling 2% (1:50)


Automatic Brush Wash
Ensure that the dosing pump has been calibrated for dilution at the appropriate rate and that the equipment in good order. Carry out cleaning as specified by the brush wash manufacturer.

Pressure Washer
Using a low pressure, apply the appropriate dilution. Start from the lower sections of the carriage and work up towards the roof. If necessary, agitate the surface with a soft brush to loosen tenacious soiling matter. Rinse off using a high pressure working down from the roof.

By Hand
Dilute to the appropriate level. Apply the diluted product with a soft brush, start from the lower sections of the carriage and work up towards the roof. Let the solution dwell for a few minutes then agitate the surface, work systematically from the lower sections up towards the roof. Rinse off with clean water, working from the roof down towards the lower sections.

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