Free it – 801


Penetrates to lubricate and free stuck or corroded parts, tools, nuts and bolts. Ideal for use as a maintenance product in engineering workshops, garages, depots in general, in industry as well as for the mass transit sector.

  • Simply spray or brush onto the parts to be treated
  • Lubricates to aid use and help prevent corrosion
  • Penetrates to free seized joints and faying surfaces
  • Non-aerosol so better for the environment
  • Low VOC content
  • High flash point so safer to use
  • Bulk packaging so economical to use


Appearance           Clear mobile liquid
Colour                      Tan
Odour                       Mild
SG                             0.8 to 0.9


Remove loose rust and dirt with a wire brush before treatment. Liberally spray or brush on. Leave for 30 minutes to 2 hours to penetrate depending on degree of corrosion. Repeat treatment if necessary.

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