Galvex Matt R-239 Zinc Primer

Durable protection and an outstanding primer. Provides active metal protection against corrosion and an excellent primer coat.




A high quality spray providing active metal protection against corrosion and an excellent primer coat. The sacrificial properties of zinc contribute to an effective defence against oxidisation should the coating become damaged. Galvex Matt can be used both on bare metal and previously galvanised surfaces, and is suitable for spraying onto acrylic or cellulose paints (not alkyd). It may be overcoated with acrylic, alkyd, p/u alkyd and epoxy.

• High zinc content for maximum corrosion protection,
• Including salt spray
• Zinc powder in the product is of high purity
• Can be used on previously coated surfaces
• Can be over-coated

Technical Data

Appearance                          Dark grey coating
Odour                                    Characteristic paint aroma
Storage                                 Below 50˚C. Shelf life 9 months
Solubility                              Insoluble in water
Flash Point                          <0˚C
Temperature range           Dried film stable to 70˚C continuous
Relative Density                1.150
Purity                                     Zinc powder 99.9% pure
Laid down film                    Zinc content 66%


Remove excess rust and ensure surface to be treated is clean and dry. Shake can until agitator ball can be heard and then for a further 1-2 minutes. Hold can 25-30 cm from the surface and apply a light coat. Further coats can be added to build up the required thickness. Allow 15-30 minutes drying before overcoating. Invert can after use and depress actuator to prevent nozzle blockage.

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