Black Gloss Paint R-302

Acrylic-based top-coat paint.




Acrylic-based top-coat paints for a professional finish on most substrates with exceptional ease of use, resulting in a high quality appearance.

• Great flexibility and adhesion
• Compatible with most materials
• Can be applied over previously painted surfaces
• Wear and scratch resistant
• High opacity and Lead Free
• Excellent UV stability – non-fading, lasting gloss
• Two mixing balls for fast start upNSF: H1 registered
• Non-toxic
• Water resistant – withstands washing
• Formulated with anti-fling additives for effective use on fast moving components – will not drip off
• Anti-corrosion additives
• Withstands high temperatures
• 360˚ valve for inverted use

How to use

Ensure surface is clean, dry and free from grease. For uneven surfaces, those requiring a complete colour change or extra protection, apply primer first. Prepare with a light sanding for good adhesion. Adjust nozzle for desired spray pattern. Shake can vigorously for 2 minutes and spray a number of light coats with a sweeping action from 25-30cm. Paint should be touch dry and ready for over-coating in 15 minutes and fully dry within 24 hours. After use, invert can and spray to clear nozzle.
Coverage: 1.5-2m² per can.


Appearance                      Gloss Black
Odour                                 Typical paint aroma
Temperature                    Maximum temperature in use 110˚C
VOC Content                    91% approx
Solids Content                 9% approx
Storage                              Below 50˚C
Flash Point                        <0˚C

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