Guardian®fabric protector – 1099

Guardian Fabric Protector is an aqueous, high-performance polymer protective coating that gives maximum protection against water and oil based stains, including general dirt, oil, grease, coffee, food, tea and many other stains and soils.



Gives maximum protection against water and oil based stains including general dirt, oil, grease, coffee, food, tea and many other stains and soils. Easy and simple to use; simply spray on.

  • Water based – for operator comfort and low VOC
  • Non-Hazardous
  • Prevents staining and makes subsequent cleaning far easier
  • Preserves new look of fabric/carpet
  • Economical – high coverage rates
  • Solvent free – environmentally considerate
  • Air-cures – no special equipment required


Appearance               opaque, mobile liquid
Colour                         white
Odour                          Mild
S.G.                             1.0
pH                               10 to 11


Can be used in many situations, for example: – train seat covers – carpets – upholstery – stairs – fabric wall covering – bus seat covers – clothing.

All Surfaces

Always pre-test material for any changes in colour, shade or texture before fully treating an area. Do not breathe the spray, Wear a suitable respiratory protection.

Method and dilution

Designed to be used neat. No need to dilute.
Vacuum to remove all loose soil and dust.
Thoroughly clean the area, if not new. Do not over-wet. Can be applied to a damp surface but allow to dry if not sure. Apply using a suitable pressure sprayer with an 8003 fan spray tip. 0.1 Litres (100mls) will treat 1m2. Spray with an even stroke and then repeat in a crossing pattern until the correct amount has been applied. Brush product into carpet using a suitable pile brush. Allow to dry before allowing people to walk on the treated surfaces. Extra Thick Pile Where the pile is very thick the coverage will be much less than the above due to the thickness of the pile. Spray from side to side wetting the pile and brush in with a soft pile brush. Then spray again at ninety degrees to the first application and brush in again. Full protection develops over a period of 24 to 72 hours.
Protector does not affect the flame retardency of the treated material.

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