Guardicide® RTU code 2506

Ready to use version of Guardicide Concentrate Code 2505

Disinfectant Cleaner effective against corona virus

Guardicide® is an aldehyde-free, high performance disinfectant cleaner with outstanding microbiocidal performance
and broad-spectrum activity against many bacteria, yeast, fungi, viruses and spores. Its efficacy, especially against
corona virus, makes it an ideal product for use in the transport and general industry and institutions. It can also be
used in restaurants, food processing plants, agricultural environments and schools as well.



• Aldehyde-free Disinfectant Cleaner
• Broad spectrum of efficacy; bacteria, yeast, fungi, enveloped & non-enveloped viruses.
• Cleans and disinfects

Directions for use:
Remove heavy soil deposits from surface. Thoroughly wet the surface with Guardicide® and wipe dry or rinse off and
allow to air dry.

Antimicrobial Performance:
Food, industrial and institutional areas tested according to European Norms (EN). For full testing results, please see
the Guardicide® Concentrate Code: 2505 Technical Data Sheet. Guardicide® Ready to use is Guardicide® concentrate
diluted 1%v/v.

Pack Size:
500ml trigger spray bottles packed 10 per carton.

We provide information and advice on application technologies and relevant regulations based upon our current
knowledge and opinion. We make no representation or warranty of any kind, express or implied, including
merchantability or fitness for a particular use, with respect to such information or its application. The customer must
independently determine the suitability of our products for the customer’s intended product, use or process. The
customer is responsible for observing all laws and regulations relevant to such products, uses or processes.

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