Guardisan®Deep Fresh – 179


Powerful general cleaner and degreaser, developed specifically for difficult to clean surfaces. Its powerful cleaning action will remove stubborn and ingrained dirt, grime and grease from a variety of surfaces. Especially good for use on natural stone, masonry, ceramic tiles and safety floors.

  • Powerful – Removes heavy soiling, iron stains and brake dust
  • Multi-functional – effectively cleans a variety of surfaces
  • High dilution rates very economical
  • Dilute pH of less than 10
  • Low foaming – quick and easy rinsing
  • Anti-static agent to leave sheen and reduce dirt build-up on cleaned surfaces
  • Only classified as irritant – low health hazard
  • Uses biodegradable raw materials and does not contain NTA, EDTA or HEDTA


Appearance            Clear, mobile liquid
Colour                      Yellow
Odour                       lemon
S.G.                          1.05
pH                            neat 12.0 to 13.0
pH:                           0.5% solution 8.8


For light soiling, dilute 1 part to 200 parts water (0.5% v/v)
For normal soiling, dilute 1 part to 80 parts water (1.25%v/v).
For heavy soiling, dilute 1 part to 10 parts water (10% v/v).

Pressure Washer. Using a low pressure, apply at the appropriate dilution. If cleaning a vertical surface, start at the bottom and work upwards. Otherwise, work methodically across the surface. If necessary, agitate tenacious soiling matter. Rinse off using a high pressure. If rinsing a vertical surface, start at the top and work downwards. Otherwise, work methodically across the surface.

Scrubber Dryer. Pre-dilute to the appropriate level or mix in the solution tank then carry out cleaning according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Manually. Dilute to the appropriate level. Apply to the surface to be cleaned using a mop, brush or sprayer. Allow it to dwell for 5 minutes. Agitate the surface with the mop or brush, paying particular attention to tenacious soiling, corners and crevices. For best results pick up the dirty solution with a wet-pick-up vacuum. Rinse well with clean water.=

Product Endorsement. Guardisan® Deep Fresh has been assessed as “suitable for its proposed application” by Graham Tomlinson of G-Tech Strategies Ltd, report number CM/001.

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