HF20 – Code 30


Specially formulated gelled, hydrofluoric acid cleaner to cope with the difficult cleaning problems encountered when cleaning siliceous masonry on old buildings. The dirt on such projects is long term, air borne dirt often caused by traffic film, fumes, train brake dust and industrial pollutants.

  • Quick acting
  • Cleans, brick, granite and sandstone
  • Free rinsing
  • Cuts through all soils
  • Will not damage paint and powder coating (will attack nylon)
  • Can be diluted


Appearance                Viscous
Colour                         Red
S.G.                            1.04 to 1.06
pH                               Strong acid
Active ingredient         Hydrofluoric acid


Determine dilution by carrying out test patches. Always clean a test area first. For best results use neat. It may be diluted with up to 4 parts of water depending of degree of soiling.


See method statement for more information. Wet down the surface to be cleaned with water prior to applying product. Then starting at the top, apply the appropriate dilution with a large type soft bristle brush fairly generously or spray, followed by vigorous agitation with either deck scrubbers or stiff hand brick cleaning brushes. The loosened dirt is then simply rinsed away, either with high or low water.

All glass and aluminium should be protected from this cleaner as it will etch glass or corrode the aluminium. WARNING: Product contains hydrofluoric acid . It is essential to read the MSDS before

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