Silver High Temperature Paint – B-368

Paint suitable for exhaust manifolds, engine block, brake drums, brake callipers and pipes. Resists temperatures up to 650/1200F.

  • Powerful solvent cleaning
  • Breaks down workshop contaminants quickly
  • Solvent evaporates quickly, leaving a clean surface
  • Non-chlorinated
  • No need for rinsing – leaves no residue

Technical Data

Appearance                      Grey
Odour                                 Characteristic
Contents                           Blend of refined technical white oil and synthetic fragrance in naphtha with butane/propane propellant
Storage                               Below 50˚C
Flash Point                        <-1˚C
Temperature range         Use at ambient temperatures
Pack Sizes                        12 x 400ml cans

Directions for Use

Correct preparation is essential. Removal all rust/paint by sandblasting or abrasive cloth. Wash in thinners. Shake can for 2 minutes and use at room temperature. No primer required. Spray from 38cm prime with mist coat. When dry apply one full coat. Avoid heavy build up or runs. After use, invert can and spray short burst to clear nozzle.


The coating will be touch dry in 15-30 minutes. The coated surfaces of machines, vehicles etc may be cured in use. Domestic articles must never be used before curing the coated surfaces. Apply heat and gradually build up to maximum working temperature. Maintain it for one hour. Sudden high temperatures will destroy the coating.

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