Iceblast SF – 898

Aqueous solution of potassium acetate that quickly melts ice and snow as well as performing an anti-ice function. IceBlast Plus works down to -37°C (salt works down to -7°C).



An aqueous solution of potassium acetate that is an efficient anti-ice as well as quickly melting ice and snow. IceBlast Plus works down to -37°C (salt works down to -7°C). It conforms to AMS 1435A aerospace material specification for fluid de-icers for use in airports on runways and aprons and stations, on bridges, car parks, pavement, roads and other public areas.

  • Versatile – anti-ices as well as de-ices
  • Quick acting
  • Easy-to-use. Simply apply by spray
  • Ready-to-use
  • Effective down to -37°C (salt works down to -7)
  • Non harmful to users, fish or animals
  • Safe to use near vegetation
  • Fully biodegradable
  • Does not stain
  • Will not block door running gear in trains
  • Will not blow away
  • Does not corrode steel or degrade concrete


Freezing point (25% solution)                 19°C (approximately)
Water solubility                                           81 g/100ml at 20°C
pH (15% in deionised water)                   11 (typical)
Description                                                  White irregular granules, 2 – 4 mm (typical)
Bulk density                                                 900 – 950 kg/m3
Composition                                                % Sodium Formate > w/w 97%
Not flammable

Area of use

IceBlast SF is environmentally safe, high performance anti-icing and de-icing solid for runways and taxiways. Additionally, it finds uses for other specialist de-icing applications e.g. road bridge de-icing.

Standard packaging

  • 25 kg plastic bags
  • 500 kg big bags.


Suggested application rates can be found in the table below. It is however important to take into consideration factors like surface material, surface structure, application method and current weather situation when using the product. The figure below is therefore only a guide for application and must not be regarded as recommended dosage. Chela will upon request give advice on application.
In the event of freezing rain, a preventive treatment of runways, ramps and taxiways is highly recommended. Applying Clearway~ 6s before the start of a light snow or ice event prevents frozen precipitation from accumulating. Since Clearway~ 6s is both an anti-icing agent as well as a deicer, timely application of Clearway~ 6s is essential to the continued use of operative surfaces.

Careful monitoring of meteorological conditions will keep you ahead of storm events and guide you in preventive application of the product.

Clearway~ 6s can be used with all known existing spraying equipment for solid deicers. To achieve maximum performance, Clearway~ 6s can be pre-wetted with 25- 50% w/w liquid Clearway deicer.

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