Loosol Thick – 229


A fast acting, dual acid descaling product. Quickly and efficiently removes unsightly, unhygienic, odour-producing scale from WC pedestals, urinals, wash basins and washroom floors. Can be used to descale taps as it will not attack chrome, copper or brass. Safe on stainless steel.

  • Quickly attacks and dissolves scale
  • Contains powerful detergents that complex organic matter – soiling is easily washed away
  • Quicker to act than phosphoric acid based products – saves time
  • Can be used safely on a multitude of surfaces including stainless steel, chrome, porcelain and masonry – multi-functional
  • Removes the scale that encourages odour-causing bacteria – stops unpleasant odours
  • Contains perfume – leaves a pleasant and long-lasting fragrance
  • Replaces bleach and channel blocks – eliminates need for several chemicals
  • Low hazard – only classified as irritant
  • Uses biodegradable raw materials and very low environmental impact
  • Does not contain hydrochloric acid and does not produce any corrosive fumes – safer to use


Appearance                   Liquid
Colour                              Blue
Odour                              Strawberry
S.G.                                  1.1
pH                                     0.90
Surfactant Type            Non-ionic


Dilution. Use neat. No need to dilute

WC pedestal
Using a toilet brush, push water around the bend and pour some into the remaining water. Agitate the whole surface with the toilet brush, then flush, rinsing the brush under the flow of clean water.

Apply to the surface while agitating with a toilet brush. Pay particular attention to over-hangs. Keep applying until all scale has been removed. Pour 2 litres into the trap to remove scale build up. This hidden scale is the source of much malodour.

Wash Basins
Apply to the area to be cleaned. Using a cloth, agitate the surface. Rinse using a clean cloth and water.

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