Marathon®Acrylic Seal – 406


For use on hard and soft floors including: marble, terrazzo, limestone, concrete, pavers, sheet PVC, PVC tiles, asphalt and linoleum. Gives a tough easy-to-clean surface that is non-yellowing. May be used for exterior as well as interior use and is a good base for emulsion polishes. It is not removed by normal emulsion polish strippers.

  • Emulsion system low VOC
  • Water based low odour for operator and customer comfort
  • Low odour does not taint
  • Quick drying can be walked on in as little as an hour
  • Solvent free no flash point, safer to use
  • Solvent free equipment cleaned with water
  • Masonry floors made easy to clean
  • Resists polish strippers
  • Is a good economical base for emulsion polish
  • Non-yellowing original colour of floor retained
  • Seals porous floors and saves unnecessary coats of emulsion polish


Appearance                 opaque, thin, mobile liquid
Colour                           white
pH                                   9.0 to 9.6
S.G.                                1.025 to 1.035


Use neat. No need to dilute


Use clean equipment and apply to a clean floor. Once applied the seal cannot be removed.


Concrete and porous floors 5 sq meters per litre
Low porosity floors up to 20 sq meters per litre.


The floor to be sealed must be free of debris, clean and dry, sweep or vacuum to remove loose soil. Clean thoroughly with an appropriate detergent and rinse well with clean water. Use a wet pick-up-vac for best results. Imbedded oil and grime can be removed from concrete floors using an acidic cleaner. Pour the seal on to the floor and spread with a brush, mop or polish applicator. Do not generate foam and do not allow puddling. When dry apply another coat if required. Dampen mops or polish applicator before use. When using on soft floors such as PVC use an emulsion polish as part of the maintenance programme. This will help prevent localised wear.

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