Marathon®Eco – 1031


Extremely durable dry-bright emulsion floor polish with excellent wear properties and gloss. For use on non-porous synthetic surfaces, PVC and rubber floors. Responds well to spray maintenance as well as damp or regular mopping, is non-yellowing with good detergent resistance. Assessed by 4-Rail for use in rolling stock.

  • Zinc and phosphate free – environmentally responsible
  • Dries bright to a high gloss
  • Excellent durability – stays bright a long time
  • Good slip resistance
  • Non-yellowing
  • Good detergent resistance
  • Responds well to spray maintenance
  • Can be maintained by damp and conventional mop techniques
  • Easily removed with dedicated stripper


Appearance                 Opaque, mobile liquid
Viscosity                        Thin
Colour                            White
pH                                   7.5 to 8.5
S.G.                                1.010 to 1.050
Coverage                      4 to 6 M² per litre depending on the nature of the floor surface.


Floor must be clean and dry with all loose soil swept or vacuumed up. If any previously applied polished has been stripped make sure the floor is free from any residue or old polish and has been thoroughly rinsed. Apply the polish using a suitable applicator. Make sure all equipment used is clean. The polish will dry within 30 to 60 minutes and a second coat can be applied. Rinse equipment with clean water before the polish dries.

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