Marathon®Polish Stripper – 136


Efficiently and quickly strips both metallised and non-metallised emulsion floor polishes. As it is non-ammoniated there is no unpleasant smell or fumes. Can also be used as a hard surface cleaner and degreaser.

  • Ammonia free low odour
  • Pleasant to use
  • Efficient
  • Quick acting
  • Removes both metallised and non-metallised polish
  • Economical in use


Appearance              Clear Mobile Liquid
Colour                        Pale straw
Odour                         Mild
pH                               14.00


Polish stripping                                       1 to 9 (10%v/v)
Cleaning light soil                                   1 to 19 (5% v/v)
Degreasing and Heavy soil                  1 to 4 (25%v/v)


Stripping. Apply the appropriate dilution to the floor with a mop. Do not over-wet but apply enough to soften the polish film. Leave for 5 to 10 minutes. Do not allow to dry. Apply more solution if necessary. Scour with a standard speed floor machine fitted with a black stripping pad; use a hand pad for corners and edges. Pick up the slurry with a wetpick-up vacuum cleaner or mop. Reapply stripping solution to areas that have not been completely stripped. Rinse well with clean water and pick up rinse water as above. Rinse again and allow floor to dry before applying emulsion polish or emulsion seal.

Cleaning. Choose the appropriate dilution and swab with mop, cloth or brush; agitate well. For best results pick up the slurry with a mop, cloth or wet-pick-up vacuum. Rinse
well with plenty of clean water.

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