MicroDegreaser 563

Aqueous Heavy Duty Grease and Oil remover.

Uses modern micro-emulsion technology to remove even the heaviest grease and oil from all washable surfaces. Areas of application include rail engineering pits, car parks/driveways, plant/machinery ports, bilges and much more. It is easy to use. Is also highly effective as an under carriage/frame cleaner on rail vehicles. Contains a solvent based on a natural renewable source.

  • High Performance and quick acting
  • Reduced solvent content -lower VOC
  • Low odour for operator comfort
  • Dilutable with water 1:10 for economy
  • Removes heavy and thick, oil and grease
  • No aromatic or other hydrocarbon solvent
  • Free rinsing
  • Tested and approved by 4-Rail for material compatibility and suitable for use in the rail industry.

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