Poultice 3 – 35


Removes multiple layers of paint, carbon deposits and graffiti from stone, marble, concrete, brick, wood and plaster. Clings and stays active for a long time, enabling the penetration and removal of thick deposits.

  • Ready-to-use, no mixing required
  • Clings to vertical surfaces
  • Stays active to remove even thick deposits
  • Removes paint and carbon, general grime
  • Easy to remove, rinses with water
  • Paint readily contained, environmental advantage


Appearance            Thick, opaque paste
Colour                       Brown
Odour                       Mild
pH                              Free alkali, greater than 14


Apply a thick coat with either a brush or trowel. Keep moist by covering with thin polythene sheeting. On vertical surfaces, first apply a thin coat to act as a key before applying the thick coat.

Once the paint, carbon or grime is softened it remove by scraping or brushing off and collect the residue for disposal. Wash with mild detergent. On some surfaces neutralize as appropriate.

Caution. Will attack aluminium and zinc, polished wood, fabrics and carpets. Do not mix with other chemicals. Always carry out trials on a small area first.

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