Protection Cream – B-442

Pre-Work Protection Cream

Protection Cream is a pre-work cream that is ideal for both wet and dry applications. The product forms a protective barrier to prevent harmful substances from penetrating the skin, making it easier to clean the hands. Protection Cream is also suitable for facial use. For pre-work use in situations with low to heavy soilings. The sustainable cartridge is fully recyclable

  • Forms a barrier against dirt
  • Prevents layer makes hand cleaning easy
  • Does not leave any residual product
  • Improves grip
  • Silicone free
  • Perfume free
  • Unique formula
  • pH neutral
  • Suitable for all HACC plans
  • Suitable for all industries


  • Appearance                   Opaque emulsion
  • Content                          400ml
  • Colour                            Colourless
  • Odour                             Odourless
  • pH value                         7
  • Dosage                           1ml

Directions for use

This product is to be used with the touch-free Omnicare dispenser. Recommended setting: 3 = 1.0 mL/dosage.

Apply Protection Cream to clean, dry skin prior to working. Rub hands together to evenly distribute cream and form a protective barrier. To remove, wash hands with Omnicare Foam Handcleanser or Foam Soap and water

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