Silicone Lubricant R217

Premium lubrication that’s effective yet safe for most applications, especially plastic parts and seals.




Provides clean, low odour, non-staining lubrication for most applications, especially plastic parts and seals. Non-toxic in character, making it suitable where incidental food contact may occur.

  • Excellent lubricating properties
  • Non-staining, low odour, effective on plastic, metal, wood, vinyl, rubber and other surfaces,non-toxic for use where incidental food contact may occur, used for mould release in the plastics industry, an effective surface polish
  • Use on seals, slides, bearings, textile equipment etc.
  • High temperature stability
  • Water repellent

Technical Data

Appearance                       Clear water white liquid
Odour                                  Slightly sweet when dried
Contents                             Blend of 9% silicone, quick drying solvent and hydrocarbon propellants
Storage                               Below 50˚C
Flash Point                        <0˚C
Temperature range         -50˚ to 200˚C (Continuous)/250˚C (Intermittent)
Relative Density              0.795
Dielectric properties       At 25˚C on a 30 micron film at 50% RH
Dielectric constant         100Hz to 100MHz =2.75
Dielectric Breakdown     30Kv/mm
Solubility                            Insoluble in water


Shake can well before use. Spray onto surface from 20-30cm. Remove excess with a clean cloth.
Should not be used on surfaces where subsequent refinishing is to take place eg. painting, printing.

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