EUROSAN 1000 – 100


Cleans and sanitises the inside and outside of vehicles. Effective when used through a pressure washer, automatic brush wash or by hand. Works in hard or soft, hot or cold water.

  • Economical. Can be used at up to 1%
  • Disinfects and cleans
  • Moderate foaming – quick and easy rinsing
  • Versatile. Use through pressure wash or brush equipment or by hand

Dilutions by volume – with clean water hot or cold, hard or soft

Disinfection                                          up to 1:40 (2.5%) NB use clean not re-cycled water when using as a sanitiser.

Pressure wash / Brush wash         1 to 100 (1%)

Hand cleaning                                     1 to 10 (10%)


When using as a sanitiser, remove heavy soiling first. Choose appropriate dilution and follow normal cleaning procedure. Rinse with clean water.

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