Screenwash Protect – 3042


Versatile screen cleaning product for both winter and summer use. Tested and proven to kill the bacterium that causes legionnaires disease. Can be diluted with up to 4 volumes of water for use in summer and will still kill the bacterium. Tested for use in the rail industry. Ideal for PSV use as well as for trams, metro, underground and commercial vehicles.

  • Tested and proved to kill legionnaire bacterium (EN1240 4 hour dwell time)
  • Dilutes with up to 4 volumes of water for summer use.
  • Neat product freezes at -5.82C
  • Removes film and grime
  • Leaves screen clear and sparkling
  • Good material compatibility. Tested and proved for rail use.


Appearance             Clear, mobile liquid
Colour                       Pale blue
Odour                       Floral
SG                              0.99
Flash Point               340C
Freezing point        -5.82C


Use neat in winter and with 4 volumes of water (20%v/v) in summer
Make sure reservoir is emptied of previous product.
Add dilution or concentrate to the reservoir.
May be applied from a trigger spray for hand use as a general glass cleaner.

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