Shower Safe – 2020


Quick and effective blend of acids that will dissolve hard water scale and kill bacteria including legionella. With very low rates of corrosion on metals it is an ideal product to use for the routine sanitation and cleaning of showerheads and taps. Helps comply with the requirements of HSE “L8” for the control of legionella in water systems, including shower heads, as well as improving efficiency by dissolving any scale that is blocking the jets.

  • Effectively removes scale that harbours bacteria
  • Good disinfectant – kills bacteria including legionella
  • Kills fungi
  • Helps compliance with HSE legislation
  • Improves efficiency of blocked jests
  • Good material compatibility
  • One treatment can last for up to three months
  • Schedules available to assist compliance


Appearance         clear mobile liquid
Colour                   green
Odour                    fresh-green
pH                           acid
SG                          1.08

Method and dilution

Use neat as supplied. No need to dilute.
Immerse dismantled shower heads and any other components in the solution as supplied. Make sure all parts are completely immersed. Wit until any fizzing has stopped and all scale is softened or dissolved. Scrub with a brush whilst rinsing in clean water. To clean tap nozzles, put in a plastic cup or similar container and hold up to the tap so that the nozzle is immersed. When scale has dissolved remove cup. Scrub and rinse tap well with clean water.

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